Ashley skating her wonderful exhibition program to Lana del Rey’s ‘young and beautiful’

My skates are the best. I love my puppies!

My favorite figure skating pic. I do not own the photo

My favorite figure skating pic. I do not own the photo

Ladies competition at Cup of China has not been that great event.

Good performance in both programs for the Russian Anna Pogorilaya, she is the one who made the minor number of mistakes, and this payed off.

Sotnikova had the chance to win her first grand priz at the senior level.Let me just say: change your dresses.

OH Kostner. I am your first fan but.. Skating does not consist only in jumps but let me tell this: they are a big part of it. Okay that it is only the start of the season but the programs need a LOT of work

Mao Asada and Meryl Davis and Charlie White performimg their wonderful programs at Skate America

Ahah can’t stop laughing at this! Marry me Kimi ;)

Hey, can you imagine that the new figure skating season is going to start in less than a month?! How exited I am! I can just think about the Olympics. Who’s going to win among the two strongest ice dance teams? For me, it’s time for the Americans to get the gold.. Their FD and SD were supposed to be a work in progress when they competed at the US skating Classic, but meryl and charlie really surprised me! Their programs will be masterpieces. Nothing to say to Virtue and Moir, I like them and their skating so much, it’s just that I feel Meryl and Charlie are going to win. What about pairs? Tatiana and Maxim are the right copule in the right hosting country, but Who knows if the Germans could beat them with the triple axel. That element could make the difference. And then, the canadians are working hard to achieve a spot on the Olympic podium.
Men… Complicated. Just wish the judges will make their work.. Beacause I want see a skater who can give me emotions on the top of the podium… And Chan is not one of them.
Ladies.. I can’t say the order, but kostner, kim and Asada are going to fight to give their best and we will see them togheter on the podium for the last time. After them, a new generation of young skaters (sotnikova, gold, lin, osmond and the others) is going to dominate in the field. And you? What do you think about the upcoming season?

Ashley Wagner 2012 EX GALA

Worlds 2012 EX GALA